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  • PublishedOctober 1, 2023


About CommandBar

Our software makes other software better.

Product teams embed CommandBar in their products to help their customers onboard faster, adopt new features, learn new worfklows, and get help in-app where they are.

What began with our flagship product – a magical search bar that lets users find anything in the app they were using – has since grown into a powerful platform for building great software. We help our customers ship delightful product tours, surveys, onboarding checklists, in-app help docs, and AI-powered copilots – fast.

We’re obsessed with helping people get more done with computers and measure our success by the number of humans we serve. Today that’s over 15 million and counting as we work with some of the world’s most forward-thinking companies like Netlify, AngelList, Gusto, and Shortcut.

We’re well funded, have strong early traction, and have built an incredibly talented team that’s low-ego and distributed across the world.

It’s still day zero at CommandBar though. There’s a ton of room for you to have an outsized impact on our trajectory and do the best work of your career.



Product Design @ CommandBar

Designing product at CommandBar is a uniquely interesting and challenging role. We design primarily for two different audiences.

First are the builders – the product managers, engineers, designers, and product marketers that are creating best-in-class onboarding flows, in-app surveys, and AI copilot experiences. In a space that’s traditionally bloated and complex, we design simple opinionated tools that help builders create great experiences by default, with minimal fuss.

We also serve our customers’ customers. You’ve probably used CommandBar and didn’t even know it. And that’s the point. Our job to design friendly, non-annoying experiences, that feel native and are truly helpful.


Here’s who you’ll work closely with:

  • Tyler, Design + Product. You’ll report to and collaborate closely with daily.

  • James, CEO and product-obsessed founder.

  • Vinay, CTO and founder who makes sure we build what we design, robustly and quickly.

You’ll also work directly with an incredible team of product-minded engineers to bring your work to life. You’ll source customer insights and feedback from our Customer Success, Support, and Sales teams. And you’ll collaborate with our Growth and Marketing team where product design intersects things like our website, blog, and changelog.


A few of the things you can expect to do:

  • Designing new product features from 0 to 1

  • Iterating on existing product features based on feedback and product analytics

  • Building out our product design system in Figma

  • Nailing micro interactions and overhauling entire UX flows

  • Jamming with James and Tyler on our long term product vision

  • Working closely with customers to understand their needs and perspective

  • Collaborating with Engineers to bring your design to life


Helpful skills and experience

  • Strong written and verbal communication skills. Clear thinking is clear writing. And clear writing is clear design.

  • Past experience designing for web software products through the full product lifecycle.

  • A strong product design portfolio that spikes in at least a few areas: visual design, UI design, systems design, product thinking, prototyping, and interaction design.

  • Ability to break down large design solutions into smaller stackable and testable experiences.

  • Desire for extreme ownership. You should be comfortable moving ideas forward and default to asking for forgiveness.

  • Experience working remotely. You’ll need to embrace sharing early and often, over communicating, and working asynchronously.

  • Experience with Figma, including working with design systems, variables, components, and it’s prototyping features.


What we offer

You’re probably really talented. Why should you join us? Here’s why we think working with us is uniquely high impact — on the world and your career (we’re totally biased):

  • Our ratio of impact on the world is high (and we intend to keep it that way).

  • We’re on the forefront of new technologies, including new developments in AI (which we use heavily to power our product).

  • The team we’ve assembled so far is world-class — talented, curious, kind, and obsessed with building delightful, fast, simple software.

Overall, we believe in benefits that respect individual choice and reflect the fact that optimizing your life outside of work leads to better performance at work.


Our benefits include:

  • A Competitive salary with equity. For this role the range is $130,000–$160,000 USD.

  • Fully covered medical, dental, and vision insurance for you, and 50% for your dependents

  • 401K with matching for US-based employees

  • Flexible PTO with a 3-week minimum

  • 12 weeks of parental leave for parents

  • An annual learning and development budget

  • A generous ‘Make Your Life Easier’ stipend

  • New hardware and a home office stipend for anything you need to do your best work.

  • Three team retreats per year including two at our office in San Francisco and one at a fun location (previously Denver, CO ⛰️, Asheville, NC 🍂, and San Diego, CA 🌊).

Lastly – please treat this job description as a starting point for a conversation. If the role sounds interesting, we’d love for you to apply even if you don’t think you’re the perfect fit.


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