[Hiring] Revenue Accounting Manager @F45 Training

  • PublishedOctober 6, 2023


About us

F45 Training, a fast-growing global fitness franchisor, is focused on creating a leading global fitness training and lifestyle brand with over 2,000 studios in 74 countries. We offer consumers functional 45-minute workouts that are effective, fun and community-driven. Our workouts combine elements of high-intensity interval, circuit and functional training to offer consumers what we believe is the world’s best functional training workout. We deliver our workouts primarily through our digitally-connected global network of studios, and we have built a differentiated, technology-enabled platform that allows us to create and distribute workouts to our global franchisee base. Our platform enables the rapid scalability of our model and helps to promote the success of our franchisees. We offer consumers a continuously evolving fitness program in which virtually no two workouts are ever the same. Our vast and growing library of functional training movements allows us to vary workout programs to keep consumers engaged with fresh content, stay at the forefront of consumer trends and drive maximum individual results, while helping our members achieve their fitness goals.

Work with us

Not only is F45 Training a great place to workout, it’s also a great place to work! Make your living by making an impact. And put your passion to work. Whether you’re at a desk or on the studio floor, you can change lives every day as an ally and expert in IT, finance, management, operations, business development, sales, marketing, and much more.

Join the F45 team and undoubtedly you’ll be part of dedicated crew of fun loving fitness enthusiasts. We firmly believe in people laughing, collaborating and enjoying themselves. Moreover we’re extremely proud to be a part of what we are creating and sharing with the world.

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