Artists call out Israel over current atrocities in Palestine | The Express Tribune

Artists call out Israel over current atrocities in Palestine | The Express Tribune
  • PublishedOctober 9, 2023


In an unexpected turn of events, Hamas launched a major attack on Israel, unleashing a barrage of 7,000 missiles and 3,500 rockets, reported AFP. This operation for Palestine’s liberation, one of the deadliest retaliations ever made by Hamas, resulted in widespread destruction of buildings and losses of lives in Israel. As tensions escalate, we delve into the unfolding situation and the reactions from both sides.

The international community has not remained silent during these turbulent times. Celebrities and social media influencers across borders have taken to Twitter and Instagram to express their views and show solidarity with the Palestinians.

Pakistani actor Nadia Jamil shared an old picture of a father-son from Palestine who were killed under Israeli atrocities. She went on to put emphasis on the fact that the current sufferings faced by the Israeli citizens are the results of their ancestors and the present leadership’s continuous betrayal of the people of Palestine.  

Saba Qamar expressed her solidarity with the Palestinians in a powerful tweet, stating, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free.” The star came out to defend the Palestinian cause and urged other people to support them in decolonizing their own land. 

India’s outspoken star, Swara Bhaskar, took to Instagram to address the ongoing conflict. She emphasized the need for consistent empathy, stating, “If you have not felt shock and horror at Israel’s unending atrocities on Palestinians, the forcible occupation of Palestinian homes, the forced evictions, the bigotry and violence of settler Israelis, the murder of Palestinian children and teenagers, the decades-long blockade and bombing of Gaza and civilians in Gaza, including bombings of schools and hospitals, then I am afraid your shock and horror at Hamas’s attack on Israel may seem a bit hypocritical.”

Bigg Boss famed actor, Gauahar Khan, too, shared her two cents on the matter. Speaking in favour of Palestine and the ongoing clash with the Israeli forces, Khan shared, “Since when did the oppressor become the oppressed Convenient eyesight of the world! Blind to years and years of history of oppression.”

Apart from the actors, former adult star, Mia Khalifa shared her thoughts without mincing words. “If you can look at the situation in Palestine and not be on the side of Palestinians, then you are on the wrong side of apartheid and history will show that in time,” she penned on Twitter. 

In a poignant response to comparisons with Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai, the former adult star emphasized the importance of empathy and understanding people’s individual responses to unfolding crises. “I appreciate your sentiment, but I don’t agree with this rhetoric,” Khalifa responded to a Pakistani tweep, who shared that the former had spoken up more in favour of Palestine than the youngest Nobel Peace Prize laureate. 

“We need to be more empathetic to people’s traumas and ability to absorb and digest things unfolding in real-time. Freezing is a trauma response, feeling overwhelmed is common, and we need to give people time to speak on their own time. Malala is a trailblazer for human rights, she’s an inspiration and a guiding light for many,” she commented. 

Around 400 Palestinians were killed and 1600 were injured in the Gaza Strip by Israeli airstrikes. At least 700 Israelis are killed and hundreds more are injured by shootings.

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