Ed Tutor, ‘Razia’ can help girls achieve their educational dreams | The Express Tribune

Ed Tutor, ‘Razia’ can help girls achieve their educational dreams | The Express Tribune
  • PublishedOctober 10, 2023


Express Entertainment’s limited drama series is catching the audience’s attention as Razia maps out the journey of a young girl who is passionate about her education and wants to become a doctor. Sadly, her family staunchly believes that girls are a burden rather than a blessing and cuts her off from achieving her dreams, having a say in her life choices, and preventing her from even stepping out for any recreation (let alone schooling). 

Razia’s father orders her to stay home, and refuses to finance her further education, even though she is the one who achieved the first position in her board exams, topping within the region – and is the one who works hard, making her family proud. Society prides itself in raising girls who are able to cook appetizing dishes for their husbands in desperate efforts to win their hearts, to become the perfect homemakers, obedient, submissive and undemanding, after they wed, instead of making sure they receive an education – thus depriving them of a safety net for their future, come what may. 

Razia and the Ed Tutor website and application are all about this and more – securing a future for young girls whether they are single, married, divorced or widowed. Here’s how the story pans out: Zohra asks Razia about what is to be achieved by pursuing education. Razia fights back to state that the fear of someone slapping her and kicking her out of the house will no longer persist. 

This is the story of so many girls around Pakistan – so many Razias. They have to often discontinue their education because of limited resources, family permission, living in remote areas or simply being married off early. All that is if they are even provided with access to education in the first place. So, if you, like Razia, are facing similar hurdles in receiving an education or know someone who is, here is a solid solution – one that will help you or a Razia you know to set themselves on a path that will help them soar high. 

Education is undoubtedly, the way to a girl’s economic, societal, personal freedom and sustainability in the world. It empowers young girls to have a choice in life. And this is where online resources give us the perfect solution. Ed Tutor, an online learning platform and application is Express Media Group’s endeavor. It aims to reimagine the future of learning in Pakistan.

Ed Tutor gives young students a complete online educational package. Ed Tutor covers lessons in Math, English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology for grades 9, 10 and 11 and offers 100+ educators who are available. They have partnered with the brightest minds across teaching, media and technology to turn Matric and Inter curriculum-aligned lessons into an engaging digital format where learning is made fun. The best and most unbelievable part is that all courses are offered totally free of cost, as of now. 

Ed Tutor is a promising initiative and one that might create a lasting social impact, forging change and facilitating young people to achieve their dreams. Students can gain access to the educators online for assistance. All courses are aligned with the board exam syllabus providing full lesson plans, video lessons, quizzes and chapter tests. The courses are available both in English and Urdu. So, go ahead, and share the app and website details with the Razias you know around you because as Razia rightfully said, “Apne hissay ki roshni khud karni hoti hai (One must light up their own path).” 

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