‘In Flames’ bags Best Feature at film festival in Canada | The Express Tribune

‘In Flames’ bags Best Feature at film festival in Canada | The Express Tribune
  • PublishedOctober 7, 2023


Pakistani cinema continues to make its mark on the international stage, as the film In Flames recently secured the prestigious award for Best Feature at the International South Asian Film Festival Canada (ISAFF Canada). The film’s official Instagram account, in collaboration with Zarrar Kahn, (and Mohammad Ali Hashmi on his own account), joyfully shared the news, expressing their gratitude for the honour and their pride in being part of the global South Asian filmmaking community.

The post read, “We won Best Feature! Thank you ISAFF Canada for this incredible honour! It means the world! We are so grateful to be part of South Asian excellence in Canada and around the world. This award goes to our entire team! We did it, guys!”



In Flames is a cinematic endeavour that delves into the compelling story of a mother-daughter duo. The film stands out for its ability to captivate audiences without relying on glamour or music, instead emphasising a well-crafted script and immersive sound design to establish its chilling ambience.

The film’s producer, Anam Abbas, and executive producers Shant Joshi, Todd Brown, and Maxine Cottray, have played instrumental roles in bringing this thought-provoking and spine-tingling narrative to life. In Flames features a talented ensemble cast including Rameesha Nawal, Bakhtawar Mazhar, Adnan Shah Tipu, and Omair Javaid, who have contributed significantly to the film’s success.

The recognition garnered by In Flames at the International South Asian Film Festival Canada highlights the growing impact of Pakistani cinema on the global stage. Zarrar and his team’s project serves as a testament to the evolving landscape of Pakistani filmmaking, where critically acclaimed and internationally recognized works are becoming increasingly prevalent.

Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap, known for his discerning taste in cinema, had previously praised In Flames, describing it as more than a moody horror film. He commended the film for its ability to delve into societal issues and lay them bare for audiences, leaving a profound impact on viewers. In Flames has not only resonated with international audiences but also stands as a testament to Pakistani cinema’s creative and storytelling prowess, contributing to the country’s growing influence in the global film industry.


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