Salman gifts hand-painted Ayatul Kursi to sister | The Express Tribune

Salman gifts hand-painted Ayatul Kursi to sister | The Express Tribune
  • PublishedOctober 7, 2023


It’s no news that Bollywood actor Salman Khan is as much a gifted painter as he is an actor. However, the Ek Tha Tiger hunk never sold any of his paintings and kept them for himself or always gifted them to his near and dear ones.

As per The Indian Express, Salman recently gifted one of his most precious artworks to his sister, Arpita Khan and her husband, Aayush Sharma. The said painting comprises a handpainted Ayatul Kursi along with a prayer mat. Speaking with Brut India, the actor shared that the couple had requested Salman to gift them artwork done by the actor himself which radiated a lot of energy.

Pointing to the painting, the actor shared, “This is an artwork made by Salman Bhai himself. This part is a Muslim prayer Ayatul Kursi and these are the different poses of a namaz. So when we were doing up the house, we wanted a big art piece over here (on the wall). And I requested him, saying I want something that spreads a lot of energy. So he decided to do this for us. He gifted us this!”

The Dabangg star’s interest in painting began during his childhood, and over the years, he has honed his skills as an artist. He often expresses himself through his artwork, using various mediums such as oil paints and watercolours. His paintings reflect his thoughts, emotions, and observations of the world around him.

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