Tube Girl Sabrina Bahsoon’s TikTok dances redefine self-confidence

Tube Girl Sabrina Bahsoon’s TikTok dances redefine self-confidence
  • PublishedSeptember 20, 2023


Tube Girl Sabrina Bahsoons TikTok dances redefine self-confidence. Know Your Meme
Tube Girl Sabrina Bahsoon’s TikTok dances redefine self-confidence. Know Your Meme  

When was the last time you felt confident enough to dance on your daily commute, with a camera capturing your every move? 

It’s a scenario most of us wouldn’t dare to entertain. But, there’s Sabrina Bahsoon, affectionately known as “Tube Girl” by her ever-growing legion of fans on TikTok.

Sabrina’s videos, featuring her energetic dance routines filmed on the London Underground, have taken TikTok by storm. With over 400,000 followers and a staggering 15 million likes, she has become a viral sensation in just a few short weeks.

But who is Sabrina, and how did she manage to dance her way into the hearts of millions?

At 22 years old, Sabrina hails from Malaysia and recently graduated from the University of Durham, where she studied law. 

Her TikTok journey began in early August, and her first Tube-related video quickly garnered over 350k likes. Sabrina’s signature style involves sharp camera angles and impressive choreography, set to the beats of artists like Nicki Minaj.

What’s truly remarkable is Sabrina’s confidence, which seems unwavering even in the hustle and bustle of the London Underground. While most commuters keep to themselves, Sabrina dazzles with her self-assured performances, often accompanied by a refreshing breeze that effortlessly styles her hair.

As her TikTok presence has grown, Sabrina has received invitations to PR events from major brands like NYX, solidifying her status as a new promising cultural icon. 

Other TikTok creators have taken inspiration from her, creating their own “Tube Girl” videos, further cementing her influence.

Notably, Sabrina is signed with The Hive Management, a London-based model agency representing “unique and inspirational faces.” She also works as a Mathematics and LNAT tutor, proving that there’s more to her than just her viral videos.

Sabrina’s message is simple “Don’t let others’ opinions hold you back.” She encourages her followers to break free from self-doubt and have fun, just as she does on the Tube. 

Her videos have sparked a movement centred on embracing self-confidence, making the daily commute a little more enjoyable for everyone.

As Sabrina’s popularity continues to soar, she remains humble and grateful for the support and positivity she’s received. Her family, including her five siblings, is thrilled to witness her success. Even her parents, who may not yet be aware of her newfound fame, are likely to be pleased that she’s pursuing her passions.

Sabrina’s journey as Tube Girl is far from over. She aspires to inspire others to let loose and express themselves, ideally near an open subway window. 

Her ultimate goal is to travel the world, sharing her infectious energy and dance routines with diverse audiences worldwide. 


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