From Italy To India: 5 Mouthwatering Eggplant Dishes You Need To Taste

From Italy To India: 5 Mouthwatering Eggplant Dishes You Need To Taste
  • PublishedOctober 10, 2023


Eggplant recipes: Do you fret the idea of having ‘baingan’ on your plate? Does the mere sight of baingan bharta or baingan ki sabzi puts you off? If yes, then it’s time to reconsider your opinion. You heard us. Did you know, baingan, or eggplant, is considered exotic in the world of global cuisine? In fact, according to some theories, it is referred to as the ‘King of vegetables’ due to its rich purple colour and bulky, meaty texture. That’s not all. In some parts of the world, eggplant is used as a vegetarian substitute for various meat-based dishes. In this article, we curated a few such eggplant recipes from across the globe, which will help change your opinion about the vegetable once and for all. Read on.

Are aubergines and eggplants the same thing?

You would be fascinated to know that eggplant, or as we call it baingan in Hindi, finds its origin in India. According to the book ‘A Historical Dictionary of Indian Food’ by food historian KT Achaya, the vegetable was originally called ‘vatingana’ in Sanskrit, which over the years, travelled around the world and got its names aubergine, eggplant, brinjal, badinjan, and more. However, to put it simply, baingan is called aubergine in Europe, whereas, eggplant is an American term that was given considering the shape. Click here to learn more about the fascinating origin of baingan (aubergine, eggplant or brinjal).
Today, aubergine and eggplant are the two most popularised terms for the vegetable in the world of gastronomy. These terms are usually interchanged as per the shape and size of the vegetable. The elongated ones are commonly referred to as aubergine, whereas, the round and smaller ones are called eggplant.
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Eggplant Recipes From Across The World | 5 Global Eggplant Recipes For You:

1. Eggplant omelette:

This dish finds its roots in Filipino cuisine. Usually, eggplants are cut into pieces, then dipped in masala egg batter and fried to perfection. Here, we got you a desi version of the dish, where you replace the spices with the commonly available ones including chaat masala, garam masala, and more. Click here for the recipe.

2. Caponata:

It is a Sicilian eggplant recipe, where you need to saute the vegetable with onion, tomato, vinegar, and some spices. The recipe also includes carrots and celery for extra crunch, flavour, and nutrients. Traditionally, caponata is kept overnight and served chilled the next morning. However, you can also have it fresh and enjoy the flavours to the fullest. Click here for the recipe.

3. Bharwan baingan:

An Indian delicacy, bharwan baingan literally translates to stuffed eggplant. Fresh pieces of eggplants, stuffed with spices, fried and cooked in a spicy gravy, the dish defines indulgence. The best part is that you can customize the spices for the stuffing, as per your palate and availability. Click here for our version of bharwan baingan recipe.

4. Baba ganoush:

If you have been avoiding baingan bharta for the longest, then baba ganoush is a must-try. A Middle Eastern delicacy usually served with hummus, pita bread or on the mezze platter, this dish is just soulful. Much like bharta, here you need to roast the eggplant and then mix it with lemon, onion et al. What enhances its flavour and texture are the sesame seeds, parsley, and raw garlic added to the recipe. Sounds delicious? Find the recipe here.

5. Eggplant in Schezwan sauce:

How can we miss a mouth-watering Chinese eggplant recipe? Much like our bharwan baingan, here you need to stuff the eggplants with the goodness of vegetables and cottage cheese and deep fry to perfection. Then prepare a fiery Schezwan gravy and mix it well with the stuffed eggplant. That’s it! You have a delicacy ready to be devoured. Click here for the recipe.
Now that you have the list of exotic eggplant recipes from across the world, we suggest, try one of the dishes today and surprise your family. Enjoy your meal.


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