Want To Enjoy Tacos Guilt-Free? Try Out These Viral Healthy Papad Tacos Today

Want To Enjoy Tacos Guilt-Free? Try Out These Viral Healthy Papad Tacos Today
  • PublishedSeptember 22, 2023


Let’s agree, Mexican tacos are everyone’s favourite! The crunchy mix of kidney beans with an array of spices will surely tantalise your taste buds. From the carne asada (grilled meat in a soft taco shell) to the arabes (shawarma tacos), there are endless version of tacos to try. But, what if we give a desi Indian twist to this Mexican delight? A home cook, Princy, who goes by the name of “samosa fever” on Instagram, shared a quick recipe to prepare desi tacos at home. She replaced the taco shell with papad, which is easily found in Indian kitchens.
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The video opens with Princy cooking a papad on a pan. Avoid using a microwave or oven to cook the papad as it will become super crunchy; following this, when you fold it, the papad may break. Once the papad is evenly cooked, gently bend it to give it the shape of a taco. Moving ahead, we have the spicy mix of kidney beans. This recipe also requires some boiled potatoes. Pour 1-2 tablespoons of oil in a pan, add some chopped garlic, mixed herbs, and chili flakes. Give it a light stir. Now add the boiled kidney beans (rajma) and potatoes. From the spice section, add Snowpeak ginger powder, some salt (to taste), and Kashmiri red chili powder to give it a bright and vibrant red color.

For the salsa, the home cook suggests mixing chopped onions and tomatoes. Add freshly chopped coriander leaves, green chilli, and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Garnish with mixed herbs and finish off with some salt and pepper. Now, it’s time to assemble. Take the papad taco shell, add a spoonful of the kidney beans mix, top it with some mayonnaise (optional), and follow it up with some salsa. Feel free to load your tacos with your favorite sauces or sev, and voila! The Mini Papad Tacos are ready! Check out the post here.

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The recipe for mini papad tacos has received mixed reactions from Instagram users. One of them said, “Yes, it’s tasty and healthy too (This is both tasty and healthy)!” “Yumm [heart eye emoji],” another reacted. However, many people found the recipe “pointless.” A user wrote, “This is pointless as the popadum will immediately crumble on the first bite.” Another person said, “I don’t know how to eat that because it’s papad, so when you bite one side, the whole piece will be broken and everything will fall.” “Eating process: crush papad and mix it with the boiled beans and chopped veggies and eat it with a spoon,” read a comment.

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