Rohit Sharma names Babar Azam among batters with best cover drive

Rohit Sharma names Babar Azam among batters with best cover drive
  • PublishedSeptember 28, 2023


Cover drives are one of those cricketing shots which still hold its uniqueness in this modern era of cricket.

Few of the current stars like Babar Azam and Virat Kohli are renowned for this specific shot and often, there has been a debate about who plays this shot well among the two.

Even Indian captain Rohit Sharma weighed in on this matter when he was asked about the player he believes performs the cover drive most excellently in the world. In response, Sharma mentioned three names: Kohli, Babar, and England’s Joe Root.

During a conversation on a YouTube channel, Rohit stated, “Kohli, Babar, Joe Root. But I think Kohli has the best technique when it comes to the cover drive.”

However, Nasser Hussain, a former England cricketer turned commentator, expressed his own perspective on this matter last year. He opined that if any aspiring young cricketer wishes to master the art of the cover drive, they should closely observe Babar Azam.

“Sorry Indian fans I’m gonna be biased and go with Babar Azam. I nearly went with Kohli but he is slightly different He has the fast flick of the wrist but Babar has the conventional way of playing it,” Nasser had said.

“If any young boy wants to learn cover drive, I would say watch Babar Azam,” he added.


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